Survey Shows Arizona Health Facilities Failing Patients With Disabilities

Patient in a wheelchair unable to get onto scale to get weighed.For the bulk of patients with disabilities, accessing health care is not just frustrating — it’s altogether dangerous.  A recent survey of Arizona residents with disabilities shows a dramatic lack of access in medical facilities, especially due to lack of accessible equipment.  The survey of several hundred Arizonans, was conducted by the Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council.  It mirrors the results in other similar surveys around the country.

  • One out of five report being injured because of inaccessible equipment or facilities.  
  • More than half say their doctors skip exams because of a lack of accessible equipment.  
  • 68% of wheelchair users say they are examined in their devices rather than on an exam table like other patients.  
  • A whopping 71% of patients who cannot stand are asked to guess their own weight because of a lack of accessible scales.  
  • More than 70% have not had their height measured for years.

The survey results drive home the need for providers to take steps to improve access to their services, including purchasing accessible medical equipment.  Providing access is not just a matter of compliance with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is a must for adequate patient care, and an important way to prevent injuries to patients and staff.

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